Intellectual Property

intellectual property

We believe that the best way to protect our clients’ intellectual property is to fully understand our clients, their businesses, and their goals. Intellectual property law intertwines with multiple practices of law and business. Thus, it is important to have attorneys that understand these complexities. As you face new challenges, it is our goal to provide counsel on how these bumps in the road affect your intellectual property. We will work with you, establishing a relationship built on trust and professionalism, to create a strategy to best achieve your goals.

As Nashville continues to grow into one of America’s hottest spots for innovative and talented individuals, it requires a law firm that can keep up with the city’s talent.   Whether you need help obtaining a patent or a trademark, registering a copyright, or protecting your existing IP, Gordon Law Group will guide you through every step of the process.

Gordon Law Group provides representation on the following intellectual property law related matters:

intellectual property

Trademark Application and Brand Protection

Your image and products are crucial to the success of your business. By trademarking your name, logo, product, or service, you protect yourself from imitators who seek to reap the benefits of your hard work and tarnish your reputation. Once your trademark has been accepted, your trademark is legally protected.

Do you have a unique logo, motto, or artistic design that distinguishes your business from the competition? Our attorneys will advise you on the appropriate course of action to protect your brand in the most efficient way possible. We will continue to assist you by taking any action necessary against those who infringe upon your trademark.

Copyright Law and Infringement

Have an original piece of music, literature, art, or work that you would like to protect?  Our attorneys will assist you with registering your copyright and preventing your work from being used without your permission.

Copyright Regulations and Licensing

A copyright is an exclusive legal right to make, sell, distribute, and perform or display a piece of art, literature, or music. Copyrights are given to authors and artists to promote artistic and cultural creation. A copyright is given for a period of time in which the creator of the work as sole control over its use and distribution.

Is someone interested in publishing or licensing your original work? Whether you are critically acclaimed or up and coming in the artistic world, a copyright is vital in making sure that you maintain control over how your work is represented and used. We can help you through the process from negotiations to signing the contract and beyond.


Have you created a new device or product?  Our attorneys can advise you on the best way to protect your invention, including applying for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Don’t risk taking expensive shortcuts in protecting your intellectual property. Let the attorneys at Gordon Law Group do it right the first time. Call Gordon Law Group at 615-786-0113.



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